Help is available

People who are experiencing financial difficulty need to seek as much information as possible about their financial and employment positions to help them plan for the future. Help is available from many sources:

General help

You may be able to get information and advice about your circumstances from the following sources:

  • Employers (advise on entitlements and may offer outplacement opportunities)
  • Unions and professional associations (advise on industry specific provisions)
  • Superannuation funds (advise on any implications for superannuation)
  • Local community organisations (provide a range of support services and advice)
  • Financial counsellors (debt management help and advice)
  • Centrelink (provide advice and conduct seminars on retrenchment and financial issues)
  • Job network/job services providers (advise on employment opportunities)
  • Family and friends (provide emotional support)
  • General counsellors (provide personal counselling)
  • Lawyers (advise on legal rights and processes)

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MoneyHelp assistance

The MoneyHelp website offers a tool to assist you in dealing with the financial challenges you’re facing.

If, as you work through the issues raised on this site, you feel that it’s all too much or you want more information or personal help you can contact a MoneyHelp financial counsellor.

A series of MoneyHelp fact sheets is also available.

Whatever your position, it’s important that you take stock, plan ahead and get the necessary assistance for you to make informed decisions about the costs, risks and benefits of the options you face.

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