Where can I get help? What’s my best budget tool options? How important is my credit rating?

What else do I need to know? What about a free budget planner, financial advice, budgeting tips and financial counselling Victoria wide?

  1. 01 Understanding your credit rating
  2. 02 Financial Counselling Victoria wide; How to find a lawyer, financial counsellor, financial planner or accountant to get the financial advice and help I need
  3. 03 Who to contact if you need food or shelter or support urgently
  4. 04 FAQs about MoneyHelp and financial counsellors
  5. 05 How to cancel a direct debit
  6. 06 Letter templates to assist you approach your creditors
  7. 07 Budget tool; Use our free Budget Planner to help you plan and manage your money
  8. 08 Budgeting tips; Step-by-step guides on how to get assistance with mortgage payments and utility bills
  9. 09 Video help