What is MoneyHelp

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MoneyHelp is a not-for-profit service supported by the Victorian and Australian Governments to provide free*, confidential and independent information and financial counselling advice to Victorians who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Victorians can access MoneyHelp’s free* phone and email financial counselling service Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm on 1800 007 007 or by email through the MoneyHelp website www.moneyhelp.org.au

MoneyHelp encourages people to contact a MoneyHelp financial counsellor for assistance with their money or debt problems. If they seek advice early they will have more options for managing their finances through what may be a period of limited income.

What does MoneyHelp comprise?

MoneyHelp is a suite of products and services comprising:

  • a free* phone financial counselling service (including an interpreter service);
  • a website with information and useful resources including sample letters, guides and fact sheets; and
  • a range of promotional products (including posters, flyers and wallet cards).

Who funds and manages MoneyHelp?

MoneyHelp is funded by the Victorian and Australian Governments.

The MoneyHelp service is managed by Consumer Action Law Centre, a Melbourne based community legal centre specialising in debt, credit and consumer issues, that provides free legal advice and representation to vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers.

When to contact a MoneyHelp financial counsellor

When struggling with living costs such as credit cards, rent, mortgage, school fees or faced with job loss or reduced working hours, it may be useful to get advice about managing your finances. Victorians are encouraged to contact MoneyHelp’s financial counselling service if they:

  • have more debt than they can manage;
  • are receiving threatening letters from, or being harassed by, creditors or debt collectors;
  • are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage;
  • have been taken to court for the recovery of outstanding debts;
  • are facing eviction or have been evicted from rented premises due to rent arrears;
  • are not able to pay their gas, electricity, water or phone bills and are being threatened with disconnection; or
  • are being pursued for uninsured car accident debt, tax debt and/or unpaid fines.

MoneyHelp’s financial counsellors do not judge or chastise people about how they manage their money. Financial counsellors will reassure them they are not alone in experiencing financial hardship, confirm that managing on a limited income can be very challenging, and demonstrate how a person’s efforts to resolve their debt issues can make a big difference.

How does the MoneyHelp website work?

The MoneyHelp website offers multi-entry points for people seeking information, tools and tips regarding the management of their finances and debts due to unexpected changed circumstances.

The website can be used to prepare a budget, prioritise debts, learn about hardship programs and compare available debt payment options. The site is designed so a user can access information relevant to their particular circumstances directly from the home page, whether it’s their mortgage, credit card, utility bill, child support payments or another debt.

Alternatively, the site can be toured to get an overview of how to manage on a limited income (regardless of one’s employment status), stay positive, become aware of available help, and begin to look for a new job in the employment market.

The website provides tool and tips, including step-by-step guides on how to speak to creditors and sample letters to use when requesting consideration for condition of financial hardship.

How can i get a copy of moneyhelp’s fact sheets?

MoneyHelp’s fact sheets can be downloaded from the MoneyHelp website www.moneyhelp.org.au.

Alternatively they can be obtained from MoneyHelp’s financial counsellors.

Who can obtain the MoneyHelp promotional products?

MoneyHelp flyers, posters and wallet cards can be ordered through the MoneyHelp website or through a financial counsellor. These products are intended for use by individuals as well as organisations, businesses and government-funded services to promote MoneyHelp’s financial counselling service to employers, employees, unions and other organisations.

The information on this fact sheet is general and does not constitute legal advice.

MoneyHelp’s products and services have been prepared for the information of Victorians who are experiencing financial difficulty. Phone 1800 007 007 to speak to a MoneyHelp financial counsellor. A financial counsellor will discuss a range of debt payment options based on an individual’s circumstances.

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Last updated April 2016